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Does your wife let you do anal ?

Started by Sandra, Mar, 16, 2023,

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Does your wife let you do anal ?

7 (41.2%)
8 (47.1%)
2 (11.8%)

Total Members Voted: 17


I always wanted to try it.  I was my wife first then she did it a couple of times with her lover.


My ex was either not in the mood for anal or begging for anal. I just had to hope for the best. Her favorite position was sitting on my lap - reverse cowgirl - w/ my cock up her ass. She'd play w/ her pussy and finally use a dildo on it to cum. She'd also either be watching herself in the mirror, watching porn or gaping at another couple who we webcammed with.


Anal can be a big YES. Anal is another constricted hole with lots of nerve endings to play with.  Whether it be a real nice butt plug, vibrator or cock, it can be lots of fun.

HOWEVER, anal turns to a great big NO if has not been pre-cleaned to be without feces.  Feeling your cock push around a shit ball is a REAL BUZZ KILL.

So douche bag sized clean outs must be performed a couple times first, and then it is clean sailing for a while.

But that certainly takes the spontaneity out of it.  I have advance a huge amount in my comfort with hard core sexuality but I just can't get past dirty anal.


Wife and i did anal twice and i did it with a few other women previously.  Not a fan and i didn't suggest it any of the times although my penis size is good for anal, i guess.  My stand is i'll take a sweet, slick, self lubricating pussy over a nasty, dry butthole any day of the week.
Married, pussy free, small penis masturbator


Quote from: curvy4u2 on May, 08, 2024, my penis size is good for anal, i guess


The BIG ones can hurt

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