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From full bush/pubic hair photos to bare vulvas

Started by RodjerKerr, Jan, 08, 2024,

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Wife has always been bare.  I have been for 20 yrs.  As we have participated in the lifestyle we have run across all types.  Full bush which feels great if you are bare, racing strip & bare. From our perspective its all good.


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Quote from: Sandra on Jan, 13, 2024,

I like any of these displaying a well trimmed bush, hairless isn't a deal breaker but i like some hair. 

Sandra, which style do you keep yours in?
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Quote from: curvy4u2 on Feb, 01, 2024, Sandra, which style do you keep yours in?
I trim in the winter and usually shave in the summer  cheekkiss#


Quote from: Sandra on Jan, 10, 2024, WHAT DO YOU LIKE BEST?


I prefer "B".  When with a woman - which is admittedly rare (LOL!) - I want to let her maturity be a part of the experience.  "A" would be my second choice, but clearly a little cleanup on aisle 69 would be appreciated.  "C" is a lolita experience ... while visually appealing for cameramen in order to get the best action shots, the sex appeal is lacking IMO.
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Quote from: Sandra on Jan, 10, 2024, WHAT DO YOU LIKE BEST?


For my viewing pleasure, these pictures are already in the correct order A=first B=second C=third but all are beautifull.


The transition in the US from bush to bare happened in 1996, first among university-age women, then over the next couple of years among women later in their 20s, and eventually in the few years that followed, among men and women generally.

How do I know this?  A doctor friend of mine worked in a big-city emergency room, treating 20-40 women per day, and he commented in 1996 that he had noticed it had become "a definite thing" among college-age women.

One indication of this as a popular cultural trend and visual preference would be to review the Playboy Centerfolds and see when the transition from bush/trimmed to bare happened. I did this once.  It definitely happened, rather starkly.  It was either 2001 or 2003 (I don't remember exactly which, but it wasn't 2002), so it's a lagging indicator.

That said, most of the world's population still goes with the bush - think Asia, where 60 percent of the world's population lives.

Why did it happen at all in the US and elsewhere? Well, my own theory is that the emergence of AIDS in the early-1980s triggered a shift among young people and those seeking casual sex away from PIV sex and anal penetration toward oral sex.  Public hair is very useful for PIV sex as a natural lubricant and friction-damage barrier, but it is something of a nuisance for oral sex.  Over time, removal of the pubic hair simply followed the shift in sexual practices triggered by AIDS awareness.


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